Various Happenings
A Curious Comic by J.M. Havens

Latest Update: 2024/02/26This comic is rated for Mature Audiences - Viewer Discression is Advised
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Battling sickness and the general overestimation of myself and my ability to work
on two things while still having other obligations, it seems things have taken a bit. 

It's been rough, and I have had a hard time but we've eeked it out.

We're going to be doing Clara and Various Happenings in alternation, so if
you like all-ages space adventures, I emplore you to check out my other
work, The Adventures of Clara Cosmos.  If not, I'll be back as soon as
possible with another update.  I'm aiming one a week, alternating, so we'll
see where that gets us.

Regardless, until next time!


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