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Chris Brown


Hello everyone!

Well, after five and a half years, here we are, the end of...
The Prologue?  The first book?  Book 0, perhaps?

It's a definite end to this era of VH and my life,
a sort of milestone I've been looking towards for a LONG
time and for a while I wasn't sure it would actually happen!

I've learned a lot of things about how to (and how not to)
do things with making the comic.  Ideas have been brought
up and scrapped a lot behind the scenes and though
I've been working on it for a long time, I still feel
like we're just getting started.

But, rather than getting depressed and feeling that I'm
going to be stuck doing this forever or that it's time to
quit, I do want to look towards this time working on
Various Happenings as a learning experience.

I've got new material in the works that is fresh
to me in addition to stuff you all have never seen
and I'm eager to get on it and start progressing things.

So once again, we're at the close of a chapter, the
future a mystery.

I'm going to be taking a bit to finish writing the next
two sections (probably an intermission and the next
chapter, though it might be two chapters depending
on how long it runs), and work on another project
with a different tone for a bit before diving back in.

It won't be too long, in fact, it'll probably shorter
than a lot of the gaps, but hopefully, I'll have
something big when I come back.  So stay tuned!

(You can see what I'm up to
over at

Once again, thank you for reading, and
I'll see you next time~!


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