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101 - So much work to be done.


08/17/2018 - So much work to be done.

You and me both.

As I always say, feel free to visit our Patreon or vote for us on TWC.  It helps out quite a lot!

So!  Just remember that things are going to be spotty for a bit.  I've got a lot of work to do
so while I'll be chipping away at these pages, I won't have time to dedicate to them as much over
the next four months or so.  However, come the New Year, hopefully a bright new future
will have opened up for us.  Or at least some relief if nothing else!

If you want to know what's going on with me, you can check the public posts for my Patreon above,
or you can check my personal blog (Warning: NSFW) on tumblr or my journals over at DeviantArt.

Such is life, I suppose.  But I'm doing my level best to keep scratching away at things, in spite of my
workload.  So we'll get there eventually.  ~Spooky

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